Shenmue III has been announced by Yu Suzuki

Shenmue IIIThe Shenmue III Announcement

I was at work when I read the greatest news on my phone today. I read that Yu Suzuki, the creator of Shenmue, announced on stage at the Sony conference that Shenmue III is ready to be made if gamers are ready to contribute. The game will be funded by gamers through KickStarter and be available on PS4 and PC.

For those that don’t know about my love for the Shenmue series, you can read about it in my “Why Shenmue is a Cult Classic” post in which I explain the charm of the original series and why it had such a lasting effect on me.

Shenmue I and II were expensive video games to produce, but for the people that played them, they were experiences like no other. A game that brought me such wonder is going to be revived! I was giddy all day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and read more about the announcement. Now that things have calmed down, I’m still excited about it. I emailed all the gamers I knew and told them about the announcement. People in my circle of friends aren’t fans of Shenmue, but they know how much I love the games. 

Shenmue II ended with a story cliffhanger and gamers have waited for 14 years, hoping that one day Sega or someone would release a new Shenmue. That is finally happening thanks to
the many fans that have continued to ask Mr. Suzuki about Shenmue III whenever he makes an appearance at gaming events.

I’m still in shock and can’t believe this is real. Shenmue was such a special game for me because I was able to experience an meticulously designed game that took place in Japan during the 80s. I owe a lot to the Shenmue series for making me more interested in Japan, so I’m definitely backing this KickStarter project.

If you want to support a series that didn’t receive the love it deserves, please consider contributing.

Link: Shenmue III on KickStarter




5 thoughts on “Shenmue III has been announced by Yu Suzuki”

  1. Good times! We have Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue III coming out in the future. Shenmue III has already made its Kickstarter goal. I wonder if its money will triple in the coming weeks.

    • It’s really unreal that we’re getting both Shenmue III and Final Fantasy VII. I always said that if one of these games were released, I would buy the game console they are available on. Well, looks like I need to buy a PS4! Finally some amazing reasons to buy one. 🙂

      • I’ll probably be buying PS4 in the future myself. It seems to be getting the exclusive titles that I want. Street Fighter V is coming to the system as well.

  2. That’s so great news for me who have not played that game, because I can know such American and people all over the world love this game very much.
    And let me say as one of game freak, if there’s a game that we really dream about,

    Cannot wait for that!!! 😀
    I hope the release day will come soon!!! FFVII, Shenmue III❤︎

    • With the news of Shenmue III and a Final Fantasy VII remake coming, the PS4 looks more exciting now. 🙂


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