Greenshot is a screenshot tool for Windows and macOS

Greenshot's logo

Greenshot is an open source screenshot utility originally for Windows, but now available for macOS as well. It’s simple to configure and stays out of the user’s way unless activated with a shortcut key. There are a million screenshot programs, but let’s take a look at why Greenshot is a solid choice.

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SumatraPDF is a swift and minimalist PDF viewer

SumatraPDF is blazing fast at opening PDFs, let’s get that out of the way. While not the most exciting software around, it pays for itself (free!) by being extremely lightweight and non intrusive compared to similar software.

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Irfanview 4.53: The most efficient image viewer?

Irfanview, a no frills photo viewer

Irfanview is an extremely powerful image viewer and editor for Windows. It’s pretty well known and has been around since 1996! I decided to take a look at it and note what I think sets it apart from other image and photo software.

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