Revo Uninstaller will clean up leftover data from programs

The Revo Uninstaller logo

Revo Uninstaller free edition for Windows does a great job at helping you uninstall programs and get rid of the data files and folders they leave behind. It’s been in my Windows software arsenal for years, so here’s a quick look.

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Slowly app review: Penpals in the digital age

Slowly logo

The Slowly app for iOS and Android is a different take on meeting people and making friends online. While most apps have the goal of getting people connected quickly, Slowly works the opposite way by being well, slow. Let’s see why Slowly stands out from the other gazillion social apps out there. 

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Adguard DNS: Adblocking with no software

Adguard DNS logo

Adguard DNS is a free and simple adblocking solution without the use of any software. That’s right, you don’t need to install anything, only input some numbers into your device’s settings. This can be done on just about anything: Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile, or even the router in your house. Let’s see how it works. 

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