DS4Windows adds PS4 controller support for Windows

DS4Windows emulates an Xbox controller with a PS4 controller

DS4Windows is a system utility that tricks Windows into thinking a PS4 controller is an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller. This is extremely useful because built-in Xbox controller support for PC games is much higher than the DualShock 4.  

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Paint.net is a free photo editor for Windows

The Paint.net logo

Paint.net is a photo editor with an easy to use interface. If you don’t need something heavy duty like Photoshop, but need something slightly above the classic MS Paint, Paint.net fits the bill perfectly. I feel like this program doesn’t get talked about enough these days. 

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Bandizip is a useful file compression and extractor utility

Screenshot of Bandizip's main UI

Bandizip is a file archiver that can compress and extract in a variety of formats which include .zip, .rar, .7z, and way more than I can list. It was only available for Windows for many years, but there is now a Mac version as well. It’s got a few useful features that make it stand out from the endless list of other software in this category.

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Nano Adblocker is the best ad blocker for browsers

Nano Adblocker logo

Nano Adblocker is an ad blocking extension for Chrome. Used in conjunction with the support extension Nano Defender, you will never run into advertising on the web again. Find out why I recommend Nano over uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Edit: I no longer recommend it because the extension was SOLD and is now considered malware.

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