Tutanota email review: A private alternative to Gmail?

People have become more aware of the need for privacy for their communication. Tutanota email and other private email services offer to put a stop to our emails being analyzed and profiles built around us, especially Google with Gmail. I took a quick look at Tutanota to see if it’s worth switching over to.

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Fastmail Review: An Alternative to Gmail

My Fastmail Review in 2015What is Fastmail? I am always looking for alternatives to services in case I want to switch. However, finding an alternative that was as fast and smooth as Gmail was not easy. I tested various other services such as Outlook, GMX, as well as the now closed Lavabit service. My goal was to find a service that was reliable, secure, and more private than Gmail.

My Fastmail Review

I’ve been using Fastmail for a little over two years now, and I’m happy to say that it is a great alternative to Gmail. That’s why I decided to write a small review of some of its features.

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