10ten, a new Japanese reader extension

There’s a new Japanese reader extension called 10ten in town. For anyone studying or dealing with Japanese content on the web, a few major extensions have made things a bit easier. It all started with the “Rikaichan” extension for FIrefox in 2006. And then someone ported that to Chrome later on under the name “Rikaichamp.” So what’s so special about the 10ten extension? 

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Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Which one is right for you?

Grammarly is one of the most well-known grammar checkers. Still, Microsoft has recently made a push into this area by introducing Microsoft Editor in Word for web as well as a separate browser extension.

Many of the features for both Grammarly and Microsoft Editor require a premium membership, but which one is the better checker? I was frustrated not being able to see any specifics in how each respective service handles the same text for correcting. It’s Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor in my quick and dirty results comparing the two tools.

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The original Kid Pix free on modern machines will delight your kids

Use the original Kid Pix free on any machine

I discovered a great way to run the original version of Kid Pix free on modern OSes like Windows 10 and macOS Catalina. Kid Pix is a brilliant paint and art program that started on the original Macintosh platform before being ported to MSDOS, Windows, etc. Let me show you how to run the original on anything that has a web browser. 

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Why Firefox is doomed to fail

The Firefox logo

I’m going to post my thoughts about Firefox, which is most certainly going to ruffle some feathers out there. Firefox has a limited amount of time left before it becomes irrelevant on the web. Once an Internet Explorer killer, it’s unfortunate to see the state that Mozilla’s browser finds itself in now. Here are some of the reasons why I think Firefox won’t last another decade.

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Opera on Mobile in 2020: Tempting!

The big red O symbol of Opera software

Reviewing Opera on mobile this time because I love browser hopping. I wanted to see if it could be a compelling browser for daily use and what unique features it has compared to other mobile browsers. Let’s dive in. 

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