Print Friendly extension makes printing and PDFs better

Using the Print Friendly extension in your browser of choice, you can cut out content that doesn’t need to be included when you print or make a PDF. I had forgotten entirely about this superb utility until recently, so I’m happy I rediscovered it and now want to share it with you. 

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The Keepa browser extension helps instantly nab deals

With the Keepa browser extension, you can track prices on any Amazon site as well as see when prices were the cheapest. As someone that uses Amazon often, this extension is either going to save you money or end up costing you more because of seeing all the deals. Let’s see how it works. 

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Nano Adblocker is the best ad blocker for browsers

Nano Adblocker logo

Nano Adblocker is an ad blocking extension for Chrome. Used in conjunction with the support extension Nano Defender, you will never run into advertising on the web again. Find out why I recommend Nano over uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Edit: I no longer recommend it because the extension was SOLD and is now considered malware.

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