Learn to read Japanese signs at supermarkets

learn to read japanese signs at supermarketTrying to read Japanese signs in a Japanese supermarket / grocery store can be daunting. No matter how much you study Japanese or what books you buy, sometimes you can’t truly be prepared until you’re there.

For me, it was always inconvenient looking for things because I couldn’t read some of the signs above each aisle. Well, I went out and took photos of each sign above every aisle in an effort to help others be able to read Japanese signs in supermarkets. Check out each of the signs with Japanese readings of the kanji and translations!

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Japanese Graded Readers Review: Enjoy reading more

japanese graded readers 3 and 4

Let’s face it, textbooks about people named Mary or Takeshi are boring. Most people will get bored learning from the same resource, especially with reading practice. Reading is not always fun, especially with dry textbooks. That’s why I want to talk about Japanese Graded Readers and why they are a fun, refreshing way to practice Japanese reading.

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The Best Online Japanese Dictionaries

online japanese dictionariesThere are so many online Japanese dictionaries, but only a handful matter. Throughout the years, I’ve used many different dictionaries and I’ve narrowed them down. Each one on this list has has a special feature or history that makes it stand out more than the others.

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Learn to Read Japanese News Websites

Read Japanese News (Not as hard as you think)Trying to read Japanese news is probably scary for most students of Japanese. Wouldn’t it be great if you could read current Japanese news instead of the usual stuff found in textbooks? I want to talk about some ways and resources that can help you learn to read Japanese news websites and blogs.

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