Convert time zones easily with Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone is a time zone converter that makes it visually easy to convert time zones. Why would you need this? Well, if you have friends or family in different regions around the world, setting up a time to call, play games or video chat can be an annoyance. The site makes it easy to check times in other time zones at a glance. 

Background Info on Every Time Zone 

The Every Time Zone website was developed by Slash7, a software company established in 2008 that makes time tracking software aimed at businesses. Luckily for us, the convert time zone site is free to use for everyone. 

How to convert time zones

Upon visiting the site for the first time, there is a green line and square indicator with your local time on it. From there, there is a stacked tube of time zones under it. 

Every Time Zone's unique draggable interface

To figure out the best time to plan an event or meeting, click and drag the green indicator across the tubes, which are color-coded and indicate the time for that time zone. Darker colors are too early or late, with lighter colors being better for the other party.  

Animated gif showing how to convert time zones with Every Time Zone

Customizing the time zone list 

If you only need to check the time in a few time zones, there is a customizability feature that allows you to both add and remove what you want. You’ll need to register for an account or use a Google account to sign in.  

Premium Service 

There are professional features for people that would like to use Every Time Zone for their business, but I am willing to bet that most people out there will be satisfied with the free option. The premium service offers group members, automatically adding events to calendars, and more. 

Final Thoughts on converting time zones with Every Time Zone 

Before I found the Every Time Zone website, I used to convert time zones by inputting two destinations and having to read a static lineup of the times until I found something that would work. Now I can dynamically click and drag to figure out the exact time for both myself and the other party. This is much better than trying to send a message to a friend through Telegram and hoping they reply when they’re free. I have found it generally better to give people a suggested local time when it comes to meetings.

Link: Go try it!

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