DS4Windows adds PS4 controller support for Windows

DS4Windows emulates an Xbox controller with a PS4 controller

DS4Windows is a system utility that tricks Windows into thinking a PS4 controller is an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller. This is extremely useful because built-in Xbox controller support for PC games is much higher than the DualShock 4.  

There are some PC games out there that just don’t work with Sony’s PlayStation 4 controller. It usually requires a lot of tweaking or finding some sort of driver to maybe get it to work. In the end, you have to spend a long time testing things until you get the controller support you wish was as easy as the built-in Xbox support. 

How it works 

DS4Windows is a portable application that basically tricks Windows into thinking an Xbox controller is either plugged in through USB or Bluetooth. The controller layout is already mapped to the corresponding buttons on the PS4 controller, so once you get DS4Windows to recognize your controller, Windows should see it as a native Xbox controller. This means that any games you launch will also see an Xbox controller and should work right away. 

Overcoming some of these controller issues can usually be solved if the game uses the Steam store. This is because there exist custom controller configurations users can download to make their games work with the PS4 controller. However, this is a Steam feature and not usually part of the game itself. If you acquired the game through an alternative store or from somewhere else, you won’t have this nice feature. That’s where DS4Windows can make things easier. 

Screenshot of the main DS4Windows interface

The UI is fairly simple and consists of five tabs. The first and main lists the controllers that have been recognized and what connection they are using. The other tabs are mostly for creating profiles and automatic profile switching should you need those features. 

Screenshot of DS4Windows profile options
If you need to tweak settings, you most certainly have options.

Final Thoughts on DS4Windows 

This is a bit of a niche utility, but for those with DualShock 4 controllers lying around their house, they are great controllers which can be made to work with many PC titles which have Xbox controller support but nothing else.  

Link: Download it!

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