Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Limited Edition Super Mario Gum

Time for something fun. I knew as soon as I saw the news about limited edition Super Mario Bros. gum, I just had to buy it. I showed the announcement to a friend of mine and he said that the gum was sold out at his nearby convenience store. I thought I would test my luck and go to one near me. I was in luck! Both the Mario and Luigi gum were in stock.  Which one tasted the best?

It’s Super Mario Gum!

The Mario design is the “invincibility star” kind, which is Gingerale flavored. I guess that makes sense! The Luigi one is the “Unlimited 1-UP” or melon soda flavor.

Two Mario Gum packs openedThe real treat for old-school Nintendo fans is not only the outside box art, but the interior! If you open the package, the interior is decorated with a screenshot of the first world from the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES/Famicom.

mario gum 3
In addition to the inside having the screenshot, each gum stick is wrapped in a different wrapper which is decorated with 8-bit graphics from the first Super Mario Bros game. This is really awesome and the people over at Lotte have really showed their love and appreciation for Mario with this product.

Every stick of gum is wrapped in these amazing retro papers

The Taste

All right, enough about the design. How do these gum packs taste? After tasting both gum packs, I’d have to declare Luigi’s Unlimited 1 UP (melon soda) the winner. The flavor is unique and leaves a good impression (or taste!) in your mouth. I felt the Mario gum didn’t last as long and the taste was all right, but nothing exciting.

If you happen to be in Japan or visiting soon, I recommend picking up one of these Super Mario gum packs, especially if you’re a nostalgic gamer like me!

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  1. Wow, that gum looks really cool! Thank you for showing us the inside of the box too. Your pictures are very clear. They really put a lot of effort into the artwork. Just seeing that art on the mario gum is making want to go play the old game. Nostalgia~


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