OurGroceries is a shopping list service for mobile and web

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OurGroceries is available for iOS, Android, smart assistants (Alexa/Google) and the web, making it a really convenient way to keep a shopping list and share it with others. See why it’s a great choice for sharing your lists. 

Background Info on OurGroceries

OurGroceries launched in 2009 for web and mobile and is developed by the software company HeadCode which is based in California.

Pros and Cons of OurGroceries

I would imagine many people use a simple memo app for their shopping list. But what makes OurGroceries worth using over other alternatives? Let’s take a look.

Multiple lists

Everyone shops differently. My wife and I share general item/grocery lists as well as ones for specific stores. This beats trying to keep everything all in one list and maybe missing something because there were too many irrelevant items.

A screenshot of the main OurGroceries interface on the mobile app

Entries are remembered

After you start inputting specific items and tapping them as bought, you will notice that the next time you go to add that same thing to your list, OurGroceries will try to autocomplete it for you, which can be a real time saver.

My wife add entries in Japanese and I add mine in English

Easy sharing

With OurGroceries, users only need to make 1 account and share it between them. When making the account, be sure to use a password that you are comfortable sharing with someone else.

Web accessible

Because you can access the shared account from the web in browsers like Chrome and Edge, you can easily access your lists from a computer or any platform with a web browser. This means you can have a quick bookmark or leave it open in a tab. This alone makes OurGroceries more useful than mobile-exclusive apps.

The other person can log in and have access to the same lists and are able to add/delete from it as well. It’s pretty simple.

Smart Assistant compatible

If you happen to use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant services, OurGroceries has skills that can be added so you can interact with the lists from devices that use those services.

I have been on the sofa once or twice when I was able to talk to the Amazon Echo in the living room and add something to the grocery list. It’s not something I use often, but I’m immensely satisfied when I do use it.


The apps for iOS and Android come with advertising, but they don’t hinder the experience. For people bothered by ads, they can pay to have them removed.

Final Thoughts on OurGroceries

After having used a shared Google Keep list for shopping, turning to OurGroceries has been a nice change. My wife and I can keep dedicated lists for specific stores or kinds of items. It’s also really easy to tap on an entry and if I make a mistake, I can tap it back into the list from the bottom.

Link: Download it!

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