Pepsi White Cola Japan Exclusive Drink

pepsi white cola pickupHave you seen the new Pepsi White Cola? It’s a new drink exclusive to Japan and I think it’s pretty neat. I finally caved and bought a bottle the other day at the grocery store.

You know, I always wondered why Japan got all these exclusive wacky flavors of stuff. When it comes to soda, you would think that companies would experiment in the USA because there are way more consumers of cola drinks than in Japan. That’s not the case!
Christmas just passed and I’m only now getting to writing something about this special Pepsi White Cola. Oh well, better late than never, right?



pepsi white cola labelFirst, let’s take a look at the packaging. Packaging is EVERYTHING in Japan, so what makes this Pepsi White Cola so different than all the other random drinks? If you look closely, you can see hidden under the Pepsi colors and white border are winter-themed icons. There are things like snowflakes, tree ornaments, and angels. This is really nice and adds a nice touch for the holidays.

Oh, I almost forgot the main draw of this drink, the color of the cola is WHITE! You know, like snow. The white color of the cola and the winter decorations on the bottle label combine to make a truly holiday drink.

fireplaceCan’t you imagine drinking one of these while being in a log cabin sitting by a warm fireplace? Well, that’s what Pepsi wants you to think!

The Taste of Pepsi White Cola

pepsi white cola sideThis drink won’t be around for too long, so I just had to buy one and taste it. What does it taste like? That’s hard to explain. It doesn’t taste like Coca Cola or Pepsi. It also doesn’t taste like Sprite or 7-Up. It’s somewhere in between with a really odd but pleasant taste. It’s a little less strong going down your throat than a normal cola. According to Pepsi’s wikipedia entry, this flavor is supposed to be similar to a yogurt flavor. I guess that’s about right.

If Pepsi White Cola was available in your area, would you buy it? If not, what sort of odd drink do you like? Let me know!

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