Special Edition Dragon Ball Gum

Special Edition Dragon Ball gum!
Look at this Dragon Ball gum! The company “Fit’s” is on a roll. After producing the really awesome Super Mario Bros. gum, the next special edition product is for Dragon Ball Kai. (Dragon Ball Kai is a recut of the original Dragon Ball Z anime with less filler scenes and newly recorded audio) And come on, who couldn’t resist Dragon Ball gum that has “Kamehameha” on it?

Dragon Ball gum, the most powerful gum in the universe?

Apparently my new hobby is buying character licensed gum, because as soon as I saw these new releases, I couldn’t wait to try the new flavors. I suppose the marketing people at Fit’s knew what they were doing when they got the rights to use Son Goku on their gum.
Opening the Dragon Ball gum
The special Dragon Ball gum comes in two flavors. The “KamehameHAwaian” flavor and the ”My Spirit Bomb” flavor. I opened both to see if there were any special decorations inside. Unfortunately, it’s not as elaborate as the Mario Bros. gum, but the wrapping on the gum sticks is really cool. Each wrapper has patterns representing one of the seven dragon balls.

The Winner

After chewing both types of gum, I had to choose a winner. It wasn’t easy because both are really unique flavors. However, only one could win, so I had to choose!
And the winner is….Goku’s Spirit Bomb! (The blue packaged gum)
This was a really hard choice, but I felt the KamehameHAwaian one started off fantastic, but quickly lost its flavor. The Spirit Bomb one starts off decent and lasts longer, which is what most people want in a gum, right?

Wrapping Things Up

Well, there you have it. If you have a chance to grab these awesome Dragon Ball goods, I recommend them. They’re not expensive and something enjoyable for fans of the Dragon Ball series.
Warning: You cannot become Super Saiyan from this gum, so don’t set your expectations too high.

5 thoughts on “Special Edition Dragon Ball Gum”

  1. I was watching some Dragonball Z clip earlier, and I just could not watch it all the way through. I just don’t have that much patience for very long fight scenes it seems anymore.

    • Hmm, it did seem unusually long… I feel like Kai could have made that shorter. Anyway, whether it is shorter or not, the beginning of the Buu Saga was one of the most slow advancing storylines.


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