Batman VS Superman Review (No Spoilers)

batman vs superman reviewI just got back from watching Batman VS Superman. I had been anxiously awaiting this movie ever since it was first announced a few years ago. After all the waiting, I finally saw it. I got to see two legendary superheroes together in one movie on the big screen. How did it turn out? This is my Batman VS Superman review. Spoiler-free review!

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Batman in Japan: Does it need The Dark Knight?

batman in japanIt can be interesting being a Batman fan when outside of the U.S. Let’s dig deeper and talk about Batman in Japan. He is (or was?) the most popular superhero in American pop culture. So how does he stack up in the land of the rising sun? You might be surprised!

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Batman Arkham Knight Review

batman arkham knight reviewThis is late, but I just had to get my thoughts out and write a Batman Arkham Knight review.

I first played the Batman Arkham series starting with Asylum on PC. From there, I played the second game Batman Arkham City on the PS3. It was with great expectations that I bought Batman Arkham Knight for the PS4. My feeling about this game is with mixed emotions and I’ll explain why.

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