Create a shutdown timer for Windows to increase power savings

Today’s website is for creating a shutdown timer for Windows, macOS, or even Linux. I always appreciate it when apps or programs have an automatic shutdown feature. However, those programs are far and few between, so wouldn’t it be great if you could make your computer shut down on a timer whenever you wanted? With Shutdown Timer, you can generate the perfect command. 

Why use a shutdown timer for Windows? 

There are many reasons and situations where you might want to have your computer shutdown on a timer or automatically. Maybe you’re watching Netflix or YouTube in the bed and want the computer to power off after you’ve fallen asleep.  

Another reason could be you’ve got a heavy download or some sort of file action in progress, but you know you won’t be around later to exit everything and shut down. People with power hogging gaming rigs is another image that comes to mind. (I’m guilty of sometimes leaving my rig upstairs on, but at least Pot Player has automatic shutdown options) 

How the shutdown timer works 

The cool thing about this is it isn’t software that you install. The website will generate the code needed to paste into your terminal/command prompt to start a shutdown timer for Windows. 

The main page of the code generator for making a shutdown timer for windows, mac, and linux


You’ll need to choose the operating system you are using. In my case, I’m in the Windows camp at the moment. 


Specify if you want a countdown timer or a timed shutdown at a specific time. This happens when you choose either “at” or “in.” For example, shutdown a Windows computer in 2 hours. Or maybe you want the PC to shut off at a certain time in the morning. For example, shutdown a Windows computer at 02:00 AM. 


Pick a time you want this action to happen. It can either be timed in hours and minutes or at a specific time. 


the website will generate the corresponding command needed in the black box above for copy-pasting. 

The needed command for creating a shutdown timer for windows.

In my case, I copied the command for a 2-hour timer. Now I just need to open a command prompt (terminal for macOS/Linux users) and paste it in there. 

For Windows users, you can access the command prompt by clicking the start button, going to the System Utilities folder, and opening Command Prompt.

The location of the command prompt in Windows 10

The faster way would be Windows key + R and typing in “cmd” in the box before hitting enter. 

Once you’ve got your command prompt open, just paste (Cntrl + v) the command you copied earlier. Check to make sure you didn’t paste the wrong thing, and when you’re sure it’s right, hit the enter key. 

Command prompt with pasted code to make a shutdown timer

If you did it right, Windows 10 will pop up a notification telling you that the computer will shut down in X minutes. Should you change your mind, the shutdown timer website also conveniently has the cancel command you can copy and paste too.  

Windows 10 notification about a timed shutdown

Final Thoughts on a shutdown timer for Windows (and macOS/Linux) 

I’m sure a lot of command-line geeks out there are rolling their eyes, but I love this kind of thing. Just generate the code I need so I can paste it. I can see this being really useful for people that like to watch or listen to shows on their laptops before going to bed.  

Whether you’re on macOS, Windows, or Linux, this site will generate the correct commands you’ll need to paste. The next time you have some heavy file action going on, maybe give this a try before heading out the door. You’ll feel better knowing you don’t have to be waiting around to turn off your machine. 

Head on over to the link below and try it for yourself. I’ve already bookmarked the site for times I’ll need it.

Link: Go try it!

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