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The reason you need the best temporary email address generator is this: We’ve all been there, you need to enter an email address to register for that one quick thing, but know you’ll get spammed later. There is a myriad of disposable email services out there, but I often ran into sites rejecting the addresses they generated. Which one actually works? Read on to find out. 

Why you need the best temporary email address generator 

Yes, I know that services like Gmail have fantastic spam detection. However, there might be times when you just don’t want an organization or company to know your actual email address at all. Maybe you decided to register on one of those “make an account” to read the rest of the article sites. Hell, perhaps you found yourself going down the rabbit hole of the dark web and needed to make an account on a shady forum somewhere. 

The other day I ended up needing to use a temporary email address generating service to register for a site that gave its users 1 freebie for the month. However, I was in a rush and didn’t want to risk signing up with my real address just in case I might need to use it again later in the day. (It was related to some application for my daughter.) 

Why other disposable email services end up failing 

I’ve tried some of the common sites such as 10minutemail, guerrillamail, and more. The problem with these sites is they have become too well-known. As a result, many places will reject those temporary email addresses when you paste them into the forms.  

Introducing TempMail, the best temporary email address generator 

Tempmail, the best temporary email generator that I've come across

The TempMail site is a minimal black with only a few options. At the center of the page is the randomly generated email address that was determined when you first accessed the site. To the right of the field is the QR code button for sending to your phone or a copy button for pasting somewhere else. 

Underneath the field are four more options: Copy, Refresh, Change, and Delete. Useful if you want to generate a different temporary email address or delete the current account. 

At the bottom of the page is the list of current emails that have arrived at the address. You can sort through them here. In my screenshot, you can see where I sent a test email to it from my Japanese Yahoo address.  

the email listing on tempmail

When you click one of the emails, you’ll see the message itself along with options to download it, delete it, or see the email’s source code. 

An open email in tempmail

The best temporary email address generator, now on Mobile 

Hey get this, TempMail also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This is pretty convenient to have on your phone or tablet when you need to register for something. Instead of having to fire up the web browser and find the TempMail website, just quickly load up the app, and you’ll have the best temporary email generator at your fingertips. I might be out of the loop on this, but I don’t recall a lot of the other disposable email services on the web offering a mobile app. 

The best email address generator has a mobile app for iOS and Android

Tempmail Premium 

The core app is free, but there are paid (premium) options for those needing a bit more. Things such as custom email names, exclusive domain names, more email storage, tech support, and no ads. 

Unless you’re a scam artist or really need to register many accounts at once, I don’t think most people will need to opt for the premium service.  

Web Browser extension 

Color me surprised. TempMail has not only browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, but also a Telegram bot for quickly generating email addresses. 

Tempmail features a Chrome extension

I’m using the Chrome extension in Microsoft Edge in this screenshot. All I have to do is click once on the icon in the extension bar, and it generates an email address that I can copy. Pretty neat. 

Tempmail has the best email address generator bot on Telegram

With the Telegram bot, I can message it at any time for some disposable email addresses as well as even check my messages. This is pretty cool, although I don’t know if many people would choose to use this bot over the extension, mobile apps, and the site itself.  

Final Thoughts on the best temporary email generator 

I was thrilled to find Tempmail because its generated addresses just work, and it offers the generation service on the web, mobile, browsers, and even Telegram.  

If you find yourself weary of signing up for something with your real email address, give this site a shot and see if it works for you. Of course, there are way more sites that offer the same thing, so if you know a good one, be sure to let me know in the comments. 

Link: Go try it!

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