Dark Reader extension changes all websites to dark mode

Dark Reader extensions' Darth Vader with shades logo

For those that prefer dark backgrounds or just want to “dark mode” all the things, Dark Reader is a browser extension that will automatically convert all websites into dark themes. 

Alexander Shutau's profile photo from github
Alexander Shutau, hero to night owls everywhere

The Dark Reader extension was developed by Alexander Shutau in addition to additional contributions from others on Github. It is available for free for Google Chrome and Firefox, but is a paid extension for Safari on macOS.

Even with all the “night mode” options built into operating systems these days, they’re only making the screen more yellow/orange. That’s fine, but there are times where I have still had to shield my eyes from the brightness of a page that was completely white. 

Once installed, the dark reader extension shows an icon of Darth Vader wearing sunglasses in the extension bar in all browsers. While dark mode should be on by default, you can click the button to toggle universal options or customize things on a site by site basis.

The dark reader extension's toggle options

In addition to dark or light backgrounds, grayscale and sepia options are available with the ability to adjust contrast in increments of 5. The defaults seem fine, but perhaps brightness and contrast might need to be tweaked depending on the monitor you use.

Final Thoughts on the Dark Reader extension

As someone that greatly appreciates the dark mode feature of Samsung’s Internet browser on Android, I was really happy to discover this add-on which forcefully converts all sites into a dark mode on PC. Using the dark reader extension in Brave, I can save my eyes the strain at night when I’m doing some late night surfing or trying to finish a few odd jobs here and there.

For anyone that likes dark backgrounds or happens to use their computer in a dark room or at night, I highly recommend this extension. It’s definitely a “quality of life” add-on that I think some people won’t be able to live without once they have it. 

Link: Download it!

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