Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (Be with you) Review

ima ai ni yukimasu posterI’d like to talk about my favorite Japanese movie of all time, [いま、会いにゆきます] (ima ai ni yukimasu) or the English title, “Be with you”. This movie is a heartwarming love story that was released in 2004. I don’t think it is well known outside of Japan, China, and Korea. I consider this a hidden gem of Japanese cinema.

I first saw this film when I was in high school. It was recommended to me by an internet friend that said it was becoming popular in Korea. I managed to track down a copy online that someone had made English subtitles for. I have yet to see a Japanese movie that has touched me the way “ima ai ni yukimasu” has.

The movie trailer:

Get the feel for what kind of movie it is? Great! Let’s dive in.

The Story (Spoiler-free)

ima ai ni yukimasu storyThe movie opens with a funeral where a father and young son are present. The wife Mio has recently passed away at a young age. This leaves the husband Takumi and his son Yuji alone in the world. Yuji is too young to truly comprehend death and Takumi is in despair that the love of his life is gone.

ima ai ni yukimasu funeralHe feels can’t properly take care of Yuji due to an illness that prevents him from doing things normal adults can do. However, his coworker sees that he’s doing his best in his daily life.

ima ai ni yukimasu takumi and yujiOne day while walking through a forest near the house, Takumi and Yuji discover a woman resting against a small shack. That woman turns out to be the recently deceased Mio, but she’s alive! When she notices Takumi and Yuji, she asks them who they are. Mio has no memory of them or herself.

ima ai ni yukimasu mioWhy is she alive? What happened to her memory? These questions get answered as you experience the adventures together with the main characters.

What makes “ima ai ni yukimasu” great?

ima ai ni yukimasu charactersIt’s perfect at showing the small scale of this story. What I mean is everything is focused on the main characters. The cinematography is wonderful and helps add to the magical atmosphere. The focus stays relaxingly in a small town and within the house of the main family. This is what I call a “small universe” movie and it feels right.

There is not any kind of maliciousness from the people in the movie. That is why I find it so comforting. It’s extremely peaceful and a nice break from movies with too much going on. However, it is not too slow or trying to be something new. I’m not a fan of “artsy” movies, so believe me when I say this film tells the story well and leaves you interested in the outcome.

ima ai ni yukimasu mio 2The main actors for the husband and wife are outstanding. I was blown away by Yuko Takeuchi as Mio. She was graceful and gave a touching performance. I definitely became a fan of hers after seeing this film.

ima ai ni yukimasu takumiShido Nakamura played Takumi, the husband. I felt his performance was very convincing. As you watch him on the screen, you can feel the character hesitating and struggling with what to do. Watching him deal with the reality of losing his wife and remaining kind to those around him is what makes the character an interesting one to watch.

The music in the film is wonderfully composed and hits all the right notes during upbeat and sad scenes. The movie would be good on its own, but with the stunning soundtrack, the movie turns into excellent. I own the soundtrack and I can still recall scenes from the movie when I come across the tracks in a playlist.

Link: Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (Be with you) Soundtrack (CDJapan)

Things that could be better

  • The child actor for Yuji.
    His acting is really lousy and took me out of the movie sometimes. However, it didn’t prevent me from enjoying most of the film.
  • A lot of background information was left out or not explained from the novel. I really enjoyed some of the supporting characters but was disappointed when they didn’t get more time for the audience to learn more about them.
  • There hasn’t been enough exposure of this movie to Western audiences! It’s a hidden gem and should be seen by more people. It’s a real shame that it wasn’t picked up for release by some studio in the US. The retail Japanese DVD does not have English subtitles, so you have to buy a Chinese DVD or go online to find them.

How can I watch “ima ai ni yukimasu”?

ima ai ni yukimasu dvdima ai ni yukimasu inside dvdAs I mentioned, the retail Japanese DVD does not include English subtitles. You’ll need to purchase the Asian version of the movie which includes English subtitles. In the past, there were Chinese edition DVDs, but those are now out of print. I managed to find a region 1 DVD (works on US DVD players) with English subtitles on Amazon.

Link: Be with You DVD (Amazon US)

If you’re not able to buy the DVD, there is a streaming version available here: Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (Be with you) 2004 Movie on KissAsian

I strongly recommend buying the movie if you can, though. It’s absolutely worth owning.

The Japanese novel

ima ai ni yukimasu novelThe original novel is the reason why the movie was able to be made in the first place. I was pleasantly surprised years ago when I discovered that a translated version in English was made available in the US. If you enjoy watching this movie and want to know more about the characters and the background information, I highly recommend picking up a copy of the novel. Or if you prefer to know the source material before watching the movie, that works too.

The translated English version is available on Amazon.

be with you novelLink: Be with You (Amazon US)

TV Drama Series

ima ai ni yukimasu dramaThe “ima ai ni yukimasu” movie must have been a success because a TV drama was made a year later in 2005. The TV series is a different interpretation than the movie and that’s ok. Remember how I said I wish the movie could have included more background information and details? The TV series consists of 10 episodes and explores other aspects of the story that the movie simply didn’t have time to.

Would I recommend the TV series over the movie? I would not, but I will say that if you enjoy the movie, it’s worth watching the TV series because you’re going to enjoy the story and characters being expanded upon. The actors are completely different from the movie, but that’s to be expected.

Final Thoughts

“Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” is one of my favorite Japanese movies ever made. If you’ve never tried watching a Japanese movie or something besides Japanese animation, I encourage you to check it out.

If you see watch the movie/TV Drama or read the novel, do me a favor and leave a comment down below. I really want to know what you think of this story. Did you like it? Hate it? Too mushy? Not enough guns? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (Be with you) Review”

  1. Yes I agree with you but The movie might be a little slow for some audients. But I find it helps to build up the mood and draw the whole picture in detail. If you had read the plot of the movie, you might say, “yeah, good old story. I can tell how it ends”. But I had to say, not till the last minute, you would not know the whole story.


      I believe Mio jumped through time and arrived in an alternate universe in the future. In order to make that alternate future happen, she was transported back to her current time as a university student. From there she knew she had to go meet Takumi and carry out what she saw as the future she both experienced and wanted.

  2. No spoiler

    I just finished the TV series, and I just discovered there was a movie of this. It’s hard for me to imagine the movie being “better” as I always enjoy when I have time to get invested in the characters story, life etc
    With the TV series, I felt like they had the perfect amount of time to explore both their relationship as students as the one they have now. They didn’t stretch the story for airing time, it really well done.

    I absolutely loved it, and the kid too, as I didn’t see the movie I can’t talk about his performance there but it looks like it’s the same actor and I really felt like he did amazing in the TV series.

    I honestly cried like almost never before all along, this is such a beautiful story.

    Now I need to get over it and remember it’s fictional, because I feel so much for these characters it might be unhealthy 😁

    You made me curious about the movie, I’ll probably watch it but probably later in the future. It’s hard to picture new actors after seeing them, they might always be the true Mio, Takumi and Yuji.

    • Hey Alaric! Thanks for posting your comments. The movie came before the drama series if I remember correctly. Also, Korea recently remade the movie, so I’m interested to see that version as well.


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