Nano Adblocker is the best ad blocker for browsers

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Nano Adblocker is an ad blocking extension for Chrome. Used in conjunction with the support extension Nano Defender, you will never run into advertising on the web again. Find out why I recommend Nano over uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Edit: I no longer recommend it because the extension was SOLD and is now considered malware.

Background Info on Nano Adblocker

First of all, we need to understand what came before Nano to better appreciate it. In 2002, a developer made an extension for Firefox called Adblock. In 2005 it was forked and renamed “Adblock Plus” by a different developer with continued development and enhancements.

Adblock Plus logo
Adblock (Plus) jump started the whole ad blocking extension thing

In 2014, a developer named Raymond Hill released a new ad blocking extension that was called “uBlock” which immediately garnered attention due to its efficiency in blocking ads while being less resource-intensive than other blockers. 

uBlock Origin logo
uBlock Origin

After some developer drama, Hill who had stepped away from his project returned, but renamed his extension “uBlock Origin” which is now one of the most well-known blockers on the web.

Nano Adblocker is a fork of uBlock Origin with some very minor changes, but some of those changes go a long way in making for a better ad blocking experience. 

Why use Nano Adblocker?

Many people on the web will suggest installing uBlock Origin to block ads, and that’s definitely a good start. However, there are many techniques these days to circumvent ad blockers, including uBlock Origin. 

uBlock Origin vs Nano adblocker

To combat these sneaky adblock circumvention techniques, a supporting extension was developed called Nano Defender (formerly uBlock Protector). It works alongside uBlock Origin to prevent ad scripts from being sneaky. However, in order for the extension to work properly, there are some steps that need to be followed such as manually adding certain filter lists and replacing some text. 

Not difficult, but not exactly a smooth process either.

The developer of Nano Defender (Hugo Xu) decided to release his own version of uBlock Origin called “Nano Adblocker” that works right out of the box with the support extension Nano Defender, requiring no extra tweaks or setup.

For this reason, I highly recommend Nano Adblocker installed as well as its companion extension, Nano Defender. When they both are working, you will hardly ever see an ad on the web, if at all. 

Screenshot of Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender icons in the toolbar
Here you can see the two extensions next to each other. I recommend hiding the defender and leaving Nano Adblocker out so you can see when it’s blocking on sites.

This is also useful for installing on friends and family members’ machines because it doesn’t require going into the settings for any extra toggling.

Final Thoughts

For those that want to see absolutely zero advertisements on the web, I highly recommend Nano Adblocker combined with its companion add-on Nano Defender. Install both of these and your surfing experience will be faster, ad-free, and even more protected.

Having said all of that, I would hope that you turn off your ad blocker on sites that you enjoy (such as this one) or consider using Brave browser that blocks ads but lets people tip content creators.

Edit: I no longer recommend it because the extension was SOLD and is now considered malware. Download links were removed.
Download it! (Nano Adblocker)
Download it! (Nano Defender)

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