Simple OCR on Windows 10 freeware makes life easy

Doing OCR on Windows 10 has been a lifesaver for me. For those that don’t know, OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This basically means if you have a picture or a screenshot of something that has words, you can try to convert that into real text that you can edit and copy. It’s similar to how traffic cameras can “read” the license plate numbers on cars. I’d like to share some excellent freeware that does OCR on Windows 7 and higher. 

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Create a shutdown timer for Windows to increase power savings

An hourglass representing a timer

Today’s website is for creating a shutdown timer for Windows, macOS, or even Linux. I always appreciate it when apps or programs have an automatic shutdown feature. However, those programs are far and few between, so wouldn’t it be great if you could make your computer shut down on a timer whenever you wanted? With Shutdown Timer, you can generate the perfect command. 

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Prevent spam with the best temporary email address generator

staying private online, guy in mask

The reason you need the best temporary email address generator is this: We’ve all been there, you need to enter an email address to register for that one quick thing, but know you’ll get spammed later. There is a myriad of disposable email services out there, but I often ran into sites rejecting the addresses they generated. Which one actually works? Read on to find out. 

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Jotti’s Malware Scan will save you from nasty surprises

Jotti’s Malware Scan is the tool you should save for those rare times you need a second opinion from a virus scanner. Whether you are running Windows, macOS, or even Linux, sometimes you want to make sure that files are safe but don’t want the hassle of running a constant virus scanner. Or maybe you need a second opinion from a different antivirus vendor.

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Convert time zones easily with Every Time Zone

A wall of clocks showing multiple time zones

Every Time Zone is a time zone converter that makes it visually easy to convert time zones. Why would you need this? Well, if you have friends or family in different regions around the world, setting up a time to call, play games or video chat can be an annoyance. The site makes it easy to check times in other time zones at a glance. 

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Wise Disk Cleaner review: Best alternative to CCleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner icon

Using a free utility like Wise Disk Cleaner is a great way to clear out temporary files or just junk that has accumulated on your system. One of the most famous pieces of software in this category, CCleaner, fell out of favor after Avast bought its developer Piriform in 2017. That’s why I’m here today to talk about its best replacement. 

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Use DNSBench to speed up web surfing

A speedometer representing the increase in web surfing speed from changing your DNS

DNSBench is a freeware DNS Benchmark tool that can help you understand and choose the most efficient and fastest DNS servers for your area. When clicking a link or entering a web address, if you find it taking longer than you think it should, it could be your ISP’s slow DNS servers. Let’s see how using DNSBench can help you speed up web surfing. 

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