Use the Poster Database (TPDb) to download movie posters

The frontpage of The Poster Database (TPDb) site.

I remember trying to search and download movie posters way back in the day and not having much luck finding proper quality sizes. The sites I found always ended up having tiny images or wanting you to buy the posters themselves. With the recent launch of their website, The Poster Database contains high quality original and official movie posters. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

Background Info on The Poster Database (TPDb) 

The Poster Database was launched in August 2019 and aims to be THE site for movie and TV show posters. It thrives on submissions by its users, so as it continues to grow in popularity, so will the number of posters available. 

Discovering movie posters 

I have always loved looking at movie posters. Before you could easily watch trailers on the internet, the poster was maybe the only thing you knew about an upcoming movie and possibly what it would be about. They have to try and represent the movie in one picture, so it’s a toss up for posters to be worse or even better than the films they were designed to promote. 

Screenshot of TPDb's discover section

When you go to the “discover posters” section, you are treated to a random assortment of movies and TV shows. The Discovering section could be a fun way to find a new movie to watch, just by judging from a poster. Maybe a unique design or atmosphere could make you curious enough to seek out that particular movie or show. 

Textless Posters 

A cool feature on TPDb is the option to sort by posters that are “textless”, meaning no massive amounts of text, screen credits, etc. If there was artwork or a poster you liked, this could be a way to get a clean version of it. It might make for a great wallpaper on your computer or phone. Not having any text also makes it great for the times when a movie is a different title in different countries.  

Screenshot of the textless poster section on The Poster Database

Search by movie 

You can search for a particular film and see all the submitted posters. Some will be official, while others might be fan-made. I searched for Batman (1989) and could see the original theatrical release poster as well as the remade ones for the DVD and Bluray covers. 


If the movie or TV show spans more than one series, there is a high chance there will be a poster “collection”. Collections would be the case with the Marvel movies or something like Back to the Future, which is a trilogy. You have the option of downloading a single zip file instead of one at a time, which is a real time saver. 

Registering an account

While it’s not required, you can register an account to save your favorite posters or if you want to try uploading some movie poster of your own. I can’t see the need to make an account if you just want to browse, but maybe if you spend enough time on the site and want to come back later but want to mark specific posters. Meh?

Final Thoughts on The Poster Database  (TPDb)

For people using Plex, Kodi, or some other software to manage their movies and TV shows, having TPDb to pull data from could be helpful. Or you could be like me and enjoy looking at posters and want a clean site with no fuss. 

Head on over and see if you can discover some alternate posters for your favorite film or show. 

Link: Go try it!

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