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xBrowserSync is a free and open source utility for Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers), Firefox, and Android. Users can use it to sync their bookmarks across browsers and devices. It’s a nice way to not rely on a major company’s own sync service such as Google, Microsoft, etc. 

Why a bookmark syncing tool?

While all major browser vendors such as Google and Microsoft have their own sync system, wouldn’t it be great to have a third-party option? For those that read my review of the Brave browser, one of its flaws is the unreliable sync system. I have been on the lookout for a service or utility that would let me bring my bookmarks with me. This looks like the solution I’ve been looking for.

Open-source, free, and secure

This is where xBrowserSync comes in. It is open-source and states that it is completely anonymous. If that’s not good enough, you can even self-host or choose alternative hosts.

Trying out xBrowserSync

After installing the extension in Brave, I clicked on the icon in the extension bar and went through the step-by-step guide.

After clicking next and reading the warnings and disclaimers, I was given a sync code with an optional QR code for mobile. I saved this and went over to a different machine and put in the sync code.  

Screenshot of xBrowserSync settings
These are the first settings you will see when entering the preferences window.

XBrowserSync explained that it would first clear the local bookmarks before downloading the most recent list. Next came a warning that I should backup my bookmarks just in case.

Screenshot of the bookmarks toolbar synced with xBrowserSync
Difficult to make bookmark syncing exciting, but I promise you those two entries synced.

I added a few new bookmarks to my toolbar and then went over to my original machine. When I launched my browser, I noticed right away that my bookmarks updated because the favicons had not yet reloaded. After giving it a few moments, the icons were restored and everything worked great. Not being tied to a single browser vendor for syncing is wonderful!

One feature I didn’t realize would be so useful is the instant search. It first pops up if you click the xBrowserSync icon. I could see this being very useful for people with a large amount of stuff bookmarked so they can pull up items quickly.  

xBrowserSync's instant bookmark search feature

Final Thoughts 

Overall, it’s nice to have a third-party option that works across different browsers and your mobile device. If you’re a browser hopper like me, I highly recommend this free utility that can help you keep your bookmarks with you in whatever browser you use. 

Link: Download it!

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